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Lisa Loza

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Lisa Loza

Lisa Loza started performing solos at church at the age of four, she continued as a member of the choir soon after that. She was also an award winning Show Choir member in high school. Her voice can be heard doing radio and TV commercials and singing jingles for local businesses in NE Indiana. Lisa hot milfs does voice over work and is the “go to girl” in several local studios. She is called upon regularly to back local musicians as they complete recording projects and need “that voice” to complete the recording.  

As a strong vocalist and soloist she has been the lead singer in several local music groups. Her work with a local trio and several Jazz musicians helped her in the development of her voice. Joining Urban Legend lesbian videos gave her the opportunity to shine as an individual and work with a talented and supportive group of musicians. She and Lisa McDavid have a solid musical rapport on stage. This allows the natural progression of each individual voice, while blending the two into a sweet and soulful mix audiences are drawn to.

Lisa continues lesbian porn to work on her craft as an entertainer and promoter too. She has recently been doing the National Anthem for regional events and is called upon regularly to sing as a soloist. Working with Urban Legend “her musical family,” she is able to enjoy music and have musicians who support the work she does as a professional singer. “I so love the opportunity to sing with the five voices we have in Urban Legend now. We all have the support we need and the quality of musicianship is such a professional line-up, we are so comfortable in what we do on stage” Lisa stated.